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Updated Saturday November 4, 2017 by Mason Little League.

Here are some common questions we get from parents each season. 


When does the season start/end?  

Spring Season:  practices start early April, games start late April, and the final regular season games are the first or second week of June.  For the 8U divisions and higher, there is a post-season tournament which typically lasts one week.  Then finally there is an end of year celebration and All-Star game, which is usually the third or fourth weekend of June. 

Fall Season:  practices start mid Auguest, games start late August.  Final regular season games are early October.  No post-season tournaments.

Expected dates for everythign can be found on our Schedule page.  


My son has a friend that is also signed up.  Can they play together?

When registering, players can request to play for the same coach they played for the previous season.  After that, players are drafted by coaches.  If you indicate your son would like to play with someone in the additional comments section while registering, the coaches can see that and take that into account when drafting their players.  But there are no guarantees.  


What days of the week are practices & games?

For Sptring season:

  • 4T:  Friday evenings
  • 6U:  Monday & Friday evenings
  • 8U and up:  One weeknight and Saturday mornings or early afternoons  

Rained out games may be made up on Sundays.


Which division will my child be in?  

This is determined by the age as of August 31 of that year.  

  • 3-4 years:  4T
  • 5-6 years:  6U
  • 7:  8UA
  • 8:  8UAA
  • 9-10:  10UAA
  • 11-12:  12UAA
  • 13:  13U Intermediate
  • 14:  Junior Baseball
  • 15-16:  Senior Baseball
  • 17-18:  Big League Baseball

For Fall baseball, kids will play in whichever league that their age would put them in the following Spring season.  


What equipment will I need to buy?

Each player will need his own glove and probably cleats.   Although the league provides each coach with equipment such as helmets and bats, many players choose to buy their own.  Also, the league will provide jerseys and hats for each player.  Pants and possibly socks will need to be purchased based on color/style suggested by the team's coach.  


What size glove should I get?

Here is a general guideline 

Age Catcher First Base Second Base / Short Stop Third Base Pitcher Outfield
Under 7 29.5 - 30" 11.5" 8-10.5" 8-10.5" 8-10.5" 9-10.5"
8 - 10 30-31" 11.5-12" 10.5-11.25" 10.5-11.5" 10.5-11.5" 10-12"
11 - 13 30-32.5" 11.5-12" 11-11.5" 11-11.75" 11.5-12" 11.75-12.75"
Over 14 32-34.5" 12-13" 11.25-11.5" 11.5-12" 11.5-12" 12-13"


My player would like his own bat, what size should I get?

The two main things to look for in a bat are length and weight.  You can search the internet for bat buying guides.  But here's a general chart for selecting a bat length.

For weight, most youth bats feature a length to weight ratio (or drop) from -10 to -13.5.  Basically the higher the number the ligher it is and easier it is to swing.  So a -13 will be easier to swing than a -8.  Choosing the right weight comes down to size and strength of the player.  If you can, try a few different ones.  

Please note that as of January 1, 2018, the new USA Baseball Bat Standard will be implemented. Little League-approved baseball bats that are approved for use for the 2017 season will no longer be acceptable for use in any Little League game or activity starting on January 1, 2018.  Here is a great video explaining the new ruleswhat to look for when buying a bat.


My child is really good and we're looking for a more competative league for him.  What should we do?  

Near the conclusion of the Spring season, kids can tryout for the District 9 All-Stars.  In addition, you may want to check out MYO's Mason Aftershock league where players particpate in many local & regional competetive baseball tournaments.  Tryouts for that are typically in July for the following Spring season.  


How can my spouse also get league e-mails and text updates?

Login to the site to get to your profile page.  Then on the left side, click on My Info.  From there, click the Additional Parents/Guardians tab at the top.  You'll then see a button to Add Additional Parent.  When filling out the form, be sure to enter a cell phone number and check the box to receive text notifications. If you need any help, please contact MYO IT


Who do I contact if I have a complaint or issue with a coach or umpire?

Please address any concerns to the VP of the division in question.  See the Mason Little League board members contact info.  That person will then address it or escalate it if necessary.  


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