Tee Ball

This division is for new players. Players will hit ball off Tee.

6U (Fall) Baseball

This division is for those that will be turning 6 as of August 31, 2018. Typically kids that will be going into Kindergarten. This time limit game of 90 minutes and we are looking to play games on Friday evenings but depending on the amount of teams you could play on Saturday's. The teams practice for 15 minutes and then play. We will try to limit teams to 10 per team. This division will only be played if we have enough players registered and enough coaches for at least 4 teams.

8U (Fall) 1/2 Machine - 1/2 Kid Pitch Baseball

This division will play the first 4 innings of machine pitch at 34 mph from 40 feet. The remaining innings (up to two depending on time allowance) will be player pitch from 40 feet.

10U (Fall) Baseball

10U – For those players that will be 9 or 10 prior to 8/31/2018. This will be for those moving from 8U AA playing in 10U next spring season. Games have a 2 hour hard stop and will use the 10U AA MYO Rules from the spring. This is ALL kid pitch and you could be playing teams from Loveland, Lakota, or Lebanon and travel to these communities for games. Games will be played on Saturday's unless otherwise scheduled. You will play 7 games starting with the first game on August 19th.

12U (Fall) Baseball

12U – 11-12 year olds – can not be 13 before 8/31/2018. This is for those moving up from 10U AA and those that played in 12U in spring 2017. 2 hour hard stop and use 12u MYO rules. Potential to play teams from Lebanon, Loveland and Lakota and travel to those communities for games.. Games will be on Saturdays with games starting on 8/19.

13U (Fall) Baseball

13U – 13 year olds –can not be 14 before August 31, 2018 if you want to participate in this league. Follow 13 intermediate rules and would play on Saturday's and Sunday's with other communities like Loveland, Lebanon and Lakota.You will play 7 games starting with the first game on August 19th.