Tee Ball

This division is for new players. Players will hit ball off Tee.

6U Baseball

For kids age 5 & 6 as of August 31. 6U baseball uses a combination of machine pitch and a tee. For each at-bat, kids will get a chance to hit the ball from the machine. If they are unable to do so, they will then get to hit the ball from a tee. Kids play a new position every inning. If you have any questions or need more information please contact Commissioner Scott McClain at bb.4u.6u@masonyouth.org.

8U A Baseball

For kids age 7 as of August 31. 8UA baseball is a machine pitch league where 3 missed swings or 6 pitches results in a strike out. The game moves much faster than the 6U league and typically gets all 6 innings finished in the 2 hour time limit.

8U AA Baseball

For kids age 8 as of August 31. 8UAA baseball is comprised of 3 innings of machine pitch followed by 3 innings of kids pitch.

10U Baseball

All kid pitch. 46' ft with 60 ft bases

13U Intermediate Baseball

13 year olds follow Intermediate League rules. Bases are 70' and pitching is at 50'.

Senior Baseball

For all 15-16 year olds. All rules remain the same as 2015.